to showcase global enshrinement and stewardship program for the world’s iconic surf breaks

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June 8, 2011 – World Surfing Reserves today announced the launch of a brand new, standalone website for the growing initiative. “" creates a permanent home for World Surfing Reserves, a global collaboration launched by Save The Waves Coalition, in conjunction with National Surfing Reserves Australia and other partners.

“ provides comprehensive information about the program, including what is a World Surfing Reserve, how it works, how to apply, and what the process is for becoming a WSR," says Dean LaTourrette, Executive Director of Save The Waves and WSR Executive Committee member. “It will help communicate to the world about this exciting conservation initiative, and hopefully inspire people to participate."

The new website also showcases breathtaking photography from some top surf photographers, including Will Henry, Anthony Ghiglia, and Bill Parr. “It’s great to see that the world has started to recognize the true value of surfing waves," says Henry, who also founded Save The Waves. “World Surfing Reserves provides a specific model to help ensure that will always the case."

World Surfing Reserves works to designate and protect the most important and cherished surf areas around the world, in partnership with local surf communities. WSR sites are nominated and selected based on four major criteria: quality and consistency of waves, importance to surf culture and history, environmental characteristics, and community support.

Last fall World Surfing Reserves dedicated its first reserve at Malibu, California, and currently several sites have been approved and are awaiting dedication, including Ericeira in Portugal, Santa Cruz in the USA and Manly Beach in Australia. The program has quickly been gaining momentum, and is endorsed by surfing notables such as Wayne “Rabbit" Bartholomew, Greg Long, Holly Beck, and Kelly Slater.

“World Surfing Reserves is an idea whose time has come," says Brad Farmer, WSR Executive Committee member and co-founder of NSR Australia. “It’s the enshrinements we make today that will preserve the natural and cultural surfing heritage for the next generation."

About World Surfing Reserves

World Surfing Reserves (WSR) proactively identifies, designates, and preserves outstanding waves, surf zones and their surrounding environments, around the world. WSR is an initiative launched by Save The Waves Coalition in 2009 in conjunction with National Surfing Reserves - Australia, and through additional partnerships with the International Surfing Association (ISA) and Stanford University’s Center for Responsible Travel (CREST).

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