Umm ... surfing has a way of spawning freakish offspring. Some of them successfully embed themselves in the real world and seem destined to make millions happy for millenia to come - like skateboarding, maybe even snowboarding and all the other '-board sports' – wake-, skim-, finger-, etc.

Others are just a little frightening.

We couldn't possibly comment on which category this invention fits into. As a concept, it's been around since the Age of Steam, but no one has successfully made the mutation work. The people of Powerboards, however, seem to have got as close as anyone ever has to marrying a surfboard with an engine.

This video makes us think of the countless benefits:

No more tiring paddle-outs!

No more missed waves!

Paddle battles with surly locals? Winning!

No problem making it around those unruly sections that break too far ahead!

Deeper barrels than ever, especially in waves formerly known as closeouts!

No more noisy jetskis needed to tow you in on 60ft days!

No doubt there are many, many, many more benefits to having a surfboard powered by an engine, but it's suddenly time for us to stop writing and go meditate under large banyan tree.

People of the world: Happy power-surfing!