If you've read Issue 79 of TSP you'll have seen Taylor Paul's remarkable, harrowing story (Dislocated: Mavericks and Me p62) of a single wipeout at Mavericks this winter which led to a multi-wave thrashing and a dislocated shoulder. The story talks in detail about the lead up to that seession, the actual fall (stumped by a sudden flatspot midway down a three-storey Mavs set wave), the rescue, the effects it had on this highly focused big-wave charger.

If you haven't read Issue 79, you should.

NOTE: this video was donated to Taylor by Noel Robinson who sadly passed away surfing Puerto Escondido in May of this year. The story of Noel's passing appears in a story written by Rusty Long, with photos by Al Mackinnon in Issue 80.

Taylor and all at TSP would like to acknowledge Noel's kindness and offer condolences to his family and the many, many friends around the world who will miss him.