SurfEXPLORE Mindanao project from emicataldi on Vimeo.

SurfEXPLORE travels to the remote, and largely unsurfed, coast of Mindanao in the southern Philippines in a film to accompany their upcoming article in The Surfer's Path (89). A reputation for political instability, violence and ongoing clashes between the army and rebel groups has kept travelers and surfers away from the island for many decades, but its stunning coast is a relatively safe and peaceful haven that hides some real gems.

The SurfEXPLORE is a loose collective of explorers who seek out the hidden seams of the surfing world and check their real wave potential. The core team consists of Sam Bleakley, Erwan Simon, Emi Cataldi and photographer John Seaton Callahan. On this trip, surfer/artist/tube-magnet Phil Goodrich joined them.

Filmed and edited by Emiliano Cataldi and John Seaton Callahan.

The music track "Brothers on the Slide" is from the album Promised Heights (1974) by Cymande.

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