OK, Derek Dunfee is a reasonably well-known big-wave rider and all-round surf prodigy from La Jolla, San Diego. He is a fully fledged and historically aware modern Windansea surfer.

None of this explains exactly what's going on with this dark, silent movie he just made, or why one of the happy Pump House Gang wants to interact with us all with such leaden joylessness. It's entirely possible we're missing the magic, or maybe we're just having too much fun and it doesn't kinda ... work for some of us.

Anyway, whatever it is, it's extremely well made, thoughtful and somehow ... interesting. And the surf footage is strictly fabulous, however buried it is under that sordid SoCal thuggery.

Happy New Year to you. Enjoy!!!

SHVDE from SHVDE on Vimeo.

Written by Derek Dunfee and Sketchy Tank

Directed by Derek Dunfee

Assistant Director Erik Derman

Camera + Edit by Erik Derman

Additional footage by Derek Dunfee and Brian Conley

Art Direction by Sketchy Tank

Starring: Rachel Barnes

Music by:

Cliff Martinez

Sonic Youth


Gil Scott Heron