Cool, crunchy Shipsterns, saved from the dumpster.

Here's what Editor Dave Otto has to say about it:

"This is an edit from my very first hard drive which contained all the original Shipsterns footage. I thought this drive was long gone and was pretty happy to stumble across it over the weekend. Covered in a thick layer of dust, and lying at the bottom of an old mouldy box I didn't hold much hope but plugged it in anyway. Bang!!! we had noise and after 5 minutes of creaking and moaning, and a constant high pitched squeal that sounded like a cat was dying, it finally loaded. I recovered about 50 files but the other 400 or so were toast. The opening is all early paddle footage, the middle is from the biggest tow day ever and the end has a few clips from April with Kelly Slater and crew.

Best viewed in HD with Headphones


Dave Otto

The entire video was graded with VSCO

The first section was filmed with a Canon HV20, the second section a Sony EX1 and the last a Panasonic AC90.


Moby Pale Horses (Apparat Remix)

Pale Horses Single

The Poison Tree (David Lynch Remix)

Destroyed Remixes


Andrew Mooney

Mike Brennan

Marti Paradisis

Ty Hollmer-Cross

Dustin Hollick

James Hollmer-Cross

James McKean

Sandy Ryan

Ryan Hipwood

Richie Vas

Danny Griffiths

Kelly Slater

Riley Laing

Ignacio Salazar

Evan Faulks

Laurie Towner

edit: Dave otto"