TWO friends, Kurt Rist and Dylan Stott travel around the west coast of Ireland during the winter of 2011-12.

The film portrays the tension, arguments and comedy that happens when two guys who have know each other all their lives spend months on end in a tiny house and a small damp car far away from home.

The premiere in Bundoran was as much a new experience for director Dylan as the making of the film. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to show your film ?

"The doors are closed because I can’t stand the tension. How will the audience react? I have my eyes closed and my head in my hands. I try desperately to pick out audible reactions over what has become a blaring din - the sound of my own film – amplified and muddled in the theatre beyond the closed doors. So far it the audience is silent and the only thing I can hear is this din and my head sinks lower as hope abandons me.

"Then the bright tickle of laughter and my head pops up. Another round of laughing leaks out from over the din and under the doors. The laughter is on cue. It is the laughter a director would hope for but does not dare imagine. It is not the laughter of ridicule, it is not canned from some pre-recorded, long-dead decade. It is not forced. It is light and jumps around before the audience falls silent again as film becomes serious.

"A silence spreads among the audience once more but this time it is an expected reaction and the silence warms my heart like the sun."