It was Joel Parkinson's day, Friday. The swell was up, the NE wind was up and the waves at Pipeline were tough ... and Kelly was on a roll. The hungry 11-time world champ could smell the 12 but he stumbled in the morning and was forced into a losers round. When he emerged again the mojo kicked in and through sheer brutal Backdoor barrel-riding he beat fellow knight, Shane Dorian in the Quarters. But while Kelly needed froth, Parkinson was all calm and momentum. He never looked shaky, not once. Just threaded long barrels at Backdoor, especially when he needed to. When Slater lost to Kerr in a wave-starved semi, that left Parko the absolute victor for the year A.D. 2012. Absolutely about bloody time.

N.B. -Parkinson did not rest. He battled on and took out Fantastic Josh Kerr in the Finals to claim the Pipe Masters trophy, too.

It was Parko's day. It was Parko's year.

About bloody time.