"Pacific" depicts my quick trip to Chile, a place well known for long waves, beautiful landscapes and chilled water. I have imagined that I would suffer from the cold water here in winter, but with conditions almost always epic compared to Brazil, lefts kilometers long outweigh the freezing water. There were 4 days of surfing I found this left-hander 6 hours from the capital Santiago thanks to Chilean friend Fabian Farias, owner of the magazine Lineas Magazine.

Surfistas: Petterson Thomaz, Jesse Faen e Fabian Farias

Locação: Chile

Imagens: Carolina Linzmeyer, Consue Vargas e Petterson Thomaz

Edição: Petterson Thomaz

Arte/Logo: Fabiano Teixeira

Camera: Canon t2i e Nikon D3100

Musicas: Bill Withers - Ain't No Sunshine | Warpaint - Warpaint

Agradecimentos: Fabian Farias, Extraño e Jesse Faen


F O T O S - bit.ly/fotoschile