Nómad-a from Nómad-A on Vimeo.

When Raul was 7 years old he pretended that his closet was a three dimensional doorway, which could transport him to anyplace he wished. Two decades later, the portal is still open, taking him on incredible adventures to live in some of the remotest places on earth.

Nómad-A is the story of an Ecuadorian boy, who made the decision to abandon his home country to chase his dreams, Peter-pan-style. Whilst on the road, he has met thousands of individuals, many of whom made deep impressions shaping his journey and who he was to become. Strangers soon became friends, not only offering a couch and a home cooked meal, but also providing moral support and inspiration, giving Raul the fuel and encouragement to continue his non- stop migration.

Nómad-A, gathers stories and odysseys of courageous people from every corner of the world; unique individuals who chose to live a alternative lifestyle in order to follow their dreams. Raúl Cabrera and his cameraman Gareth Sheehan will be visiting them in their new and ever-changing territories.

These Nómad-As and comrades of Raúl will take you on a journey into their lives. Sharing their amazing and compelling stories with you. These anecdotes will ignite you with a feeling of freedom and passion. Knowing that is never too late to diverge from your current path and take a most fulfilling route.

Project Nómad-A has only been possible by the spirit of community. Everyone involved in production, from the cinematographer , to the project manager, graphic designer, webmaster and logistic manager, are people that Raul Cabrera has met over the course of his expeditions, making Nómad-A a real grassroots production.


Director & producer: Raul Cabrera

Camera & Editor: Gareth Sheehan

Additional footage: Mickey Smith


M83 Midnight city

The Maccabees

Young Lions

Gustavo Santolaya

De Ushuaia A La Quiaca