Nazaré, Portugal, Monday 28th October. Some say Carlos Burle may have ridden a world record-breaking wave (the last wave of the day, last in this film). Before that, however, there were other behemoths, including some by Devon's Andrew Cotton and Hawaiian, Garret MacNamara. But beyond all that, there was Maya Gabeira. She's the ballsy Brazilian beauty who snapped her ankle on a massive wave and got rag-dolled towards the worst shorebreak ever before finally being grabbed unconscious by her tow partner Carlos Burle, dragged up on the beach and resuscitated with CPR.

Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 10.49.13 AM

Maya is now in a Portuguese hospital, fully alive and, aside from a broken ankle and some bruises, smiling. Screw the world records and XXL awards. One life saved is worth a thousand of those.

A film by Hélio Valentim


Carlos Burle, Sylvio Mancusi, Rodrigo Koxa, Maya Gabeira, Felipe "Gordo" Cesarano, Hugo Vau, Eric Rebiere, Pedro Scooby, Andrew Cotton and Garrett Macnamara

Shoot with Canon 7D and canon lens 300mm f.4