Cyrus Sutton and his crew have been making original, beautiful, left-field surf films for a few years now.

Think Stoked and Broke, Under The Sun, Tom's Creation Plantation plus the perennial series on their website Surf Sufficient, Sea Movies and Inner Views.

Their vision of "DIY surf movies" is, in our minds, the finest and most original stuff being injected into surf culture right now. recently sent out a Kickstarter appeal (Kickstarter is a website where funders big and small can find projects to help support, and creators can find the money to realize their visions) for US$18,000 to help keep the operation going, growing and "spreading digital aloha".

Like we said, is independent surf creativity at it's finest, so we urge you to send them a dollar, a pound, a yen or a rouble and if you can afford it, several sacks full of them. And please, do it fast - they're 92% of the way there but the Kickstarter appeal expires in 3 days!

KorduroyTV X Kickstarter from on Vimeo.