What do you think of surfing's greatest ever competitor?

What about this interview? The whole thing feels staged, literally (the fact that it been done at all, the timing, the nature of content etc - they all suggest a motive, no?), and it IS edited (so you gotta wonder what got cut out!) but, aside from far too many ugly man-knees, we think this piece is great – probably even deserving of the label 'unfiltered'.

(And ... is it just us, or is there some talk in here - at around 1min 45sec - of changes that haven't been announced yet in the pro surfing realm?)

Certainly gives the lie to those think KS is some kind of shallow commercial construct.

We've always liked the guy – for his surfing, obviously, but also for the kind of stuff he talks about in the second half.

See what you think and let us know.