Ever wondered how those new, ridiculously difficult aerial tricks are developed? It's easy, all you have to do is dream it up, then keep throwing yourself at it over and over again until either you nail it, or it nails you.

This winter, UK aerial maestro Reubyn Ash disappeared to a secret Indonesian laboratory to work on some of those dreams. The one that really kept him awake was a kind of rodeo backflip thing that is now being called the 'Reubyo'.

Reubyn, and Jordy Smith and a few others, can pull this move on their backhand, but so far no one's nailed a forehand version, which is considered particularly hard because you need to throw yourself upwards, backwards and right out above the flats – which can lead to all sorts of damaging board and body contact.

This footage, shot by Reubyn's dad, Pete Ash, shows the process. In the end, Reubyn nailed one, though he wasn't entirely happy with the ride-out.

Soon afterwards the trick nailed him when he screwed his knee ligament on landing, finally putting an end to his Indo mission.

Word is he's still dreaming about it every night and once the knee heals, he's got plans for nailing bigger versions, with a few more twists.