Everything that's not to like about this (IMHO the music, the general, Californian-abroad silliness) is easily made up for by the many, many minutes of solid righthand pointbreak surfing.

JBay, massive power turns, looong tubes, speed runs, big, racy walls and ... oh yeah, high lines.

Seriously fine surf candy.

Highline is a short movie filmed and edited by Ryan Perry and produced by youngwisetails (www.youngwisetails.com). It is based on our trip to South Africa with Tanner Gudauskas, Taylor Knox, and Parker and Conner Coffin. It was a bit of a search for waves to bring back the stoke in power surfing. It was an amazing trip and we hope that you enjoy the film! Thank you to Hurley, Volcom, Monster Energy, Fender, Reef, Etnies, Oakley, arnette, Mophie, Nixon, Channel Islands Surfboards, and Sexwax!