Our latest issue (TSP 84) was suddenly and radically altered midway through production when the devastating triple whammy - earthquake, tsunami, nuclear meltdown - hit Japan. You'll find a fair bit of Japan in it, including stories and photos about the surf along the worst affected coastline, at places like the pointbreak right in front of Fukushima's melting reactors.

With destruction on such a scale, it can be hard to know what to do to help. Here's one way offered by Japanese surfers Takashi Osanai and Takuya Tsukada. 'Glycogen' is their online auction which is now being supported by the likes of Kelly Slater and Gerry Lopez who are giving boards for us to bid on. Check it out here.

"The earthquake never stops," says Takashi. "Nobody knows the nuke's exact situation. And of course, nobody knows when we can surf again around Fukushima."

Our bids won't help answer that question, but a little love through the veins of the surf community might help make some lives better in Japan as it struggles to get back to is feet.