This is just a teaser for a film Rip Curl will release on 11th April called Seven Ghosts, part of their Search series.

As you can see, they scored some serious and seriously weird river bore waves, deep in Sumatra up a tidal river called the Kampar.

The 'Bono', as the wave is known locally, is a feared and revered thing – mainly thanks to the number of lives it has claimed. At least it was until the surfers showed up. Rip Curl were led there by the team that found this wave back in 2010, the Colas brothers Antony and Fabrice, who've caught it a couple of times now, but nothing like this.

There's lots to say on the Bono, but we'll wait for the whole Rip Curl caboodle to come out before we delve into it in more detail.

Meantime, enjoy these glimpses of waves like you've never seen before.