Teaser for the forth coming feature length documentary and web-episodes 'The Endless Winter - A Very British Surf Movie'. Pro surfers Mark 'Egor' Harris and Mitch Corbett set off on a coastal road trip to trace the wild and unusual roots of British surf culture. Presented by Ford S-MAX. Produced by Level Films.

Featuring: Mitch Corbett, Mark 'Egor' Harris.

Surfers interviewed: Roger Mansfield - Pete 'PJ' Jones - Malcolm Findlay - Charles Williams.

Surfers featured: Alan Stokes - Gabe Davies - Russ Winters - Nate Phillips - Nigel Semmens - Steve Daniels - Carwyn Williams.

Archive courtesy of: SWFTA - ThreeS Films - ITN Source.

Music: The Dakotas "The Cruel Sea".