Shane Dorian's got balls. And mad skills on a surfboard. But he's also got brains.

Remember this award-winning monster he paddled into at Peahi this winter? The one where he seemed to drop from the top of a skyscraper, negotiated the pot-holed bottom-turn and pulled into a train-tunnel sized tube? He got smashed, but it was ok. He was wearing his new invention, the inflatable wetsuit.

Here's the story of the new suit that Dorian conceived and had the Billabong tech-team work on. For big-wave surfers, this seems to represent a major breakthrough in safety, which is great news for them. Billabong have a 'patent pending' at the moment and haven't yet gone into anything like mass production. Some worry that it may give the wrong people too much confidence in surf they shouldn't be out in, but for now, with suits limited only to 'the elite', you and I won't be able to buy one in our local surf shop. Looks like a major advance, so let's hope it's effects are all positive all-round.