Taylor Steele makes a beer-fuelled road trip down Mexico way in an old 1970s Winnebago, surfing and drinking Corona all the way.

We asked him what was going on with this. Is the director of such innovative surf films as Momentum, Sipping Jetstreams, Castles in the Sky and Innersection ... making adverts nows? Here's what he had to say:

" Yes. We were hired to make some commercials for Corona! This film short is part of a bigger piece and the journey is just sort of behind the scenes on the trip we had. The surfers are Jarrad Howse, Marlon Gerber, Dave Frime, Kasia Werstack and Anna Vitali. Plus the Sipping Jetstreams crew Todd Heater & Alex Berger were filming it.

"We got given as much Corona as we wanted ... so beer was not a problem. The problem was the early morning wake ups. Hung over every morning. Too much fun really. The crew was a blast. Hope you enjoy it!"