On Wednesday 13th November North Shore resident and experienced big-wave surfer Kirk Passmore passed away while surfing Outside Alligators. It is the same outer reef, just to the west of Waimea Bay, where Todd Chesser was killed.

Passmore, originally from California but a resident of Haleiwa, Hawaii, was out surfing a large N/\NE swell that was maxing out most spots on the North Shore. Fellow surfers in the lineup say they saw him take off late on a bomb right-hander, that he didn't make the drop and never reappeared after that. One surfer who was nearby, Jamie Sterling, said he saw Passmore's feet in the whitewater, suggesting he may have been knocked out or burst an eardrum, which possibly led to his being held down for two waves in a row.

Frantic efforts to find him in the first few seconds stretched into minutes and then hours as the US CoastGuard spent the day and into the night searching for Passmore.

Surf cameraman Larry Haynes was filming the break at the time and he captured Passmore's last wave. He was subsequently contacted by Passmore's father who asked that the footage be shown to the world as a tribute to his son, who died doing what he loved best.

RIP Kirk Passmore. Deep condolences go out to his family and loved ones.

Stay safe out there, people.