Photo: Andrew Kidman

Hey, here's a new thing we're trying. It's called music.

For no reason at all, we're starting with this little test compilation. If it works, if you like, we ask that you submit suggestions and we'll try and upload a little mix-up every week. Maybe even a big mix-up.

But for now, here's a trio of tunes that either have nothing to do with surfing, or everything.

And by the way, the third song comes up as Artist: 'Unknown' and we mistakenly credited it to Andrew Kidman because it appeared in his film Last Hope. AK just corrected us: "It’s actually by Machine Translations – Greg Walker. He was one of the muso’s that we made Last Hope with, great songwriter and a good surfer/kneeboarder to boot. I made that clip for him to open the film." Check them out here.

Andrew has, of course just released a new film/book/album called Lost in the Ether. See more here.

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