One of surfing's greatest has passed. Woodbridge Parker Brown, the New York-born glider pilot who went on to pioneer surfboards, catamarans, and Divine inspiration in the Hawaii Islands has died on Maui at age 96. Woody Brown continued to surf regularly until 2002. He died on April 16th at Hale Makua (meaning 'Home of Respected Elders'), the long-term care facility in Kahului, where he had often visited and cheered others.

Woody had recently recovered from a long bout with pneumonia, after which he broke his hip in a fall. He never recovered from the latter, said his friend and filmmaker David L. Brown (no relation). Brown featured Woody to great effect in his 1999 documentary, Surfing for Life.

Woody was the author of The Gospel of Love: A Revelation of the Second Coming (with Dorothy Esson Stockman in 1980), a text that came out of his own personal experience of revelation, as described in the 2001 profile, which can be found here.

Blessings on him in his passing. Long may he ride.

Words by: Drew Kampion

Image by: Ron Dahlquist