20 junior surfers from 16 countries are the new ISA surfing ambassadors

After a careful revision by the Scholarship Selection Subcommittee the ISA has announced the recipients of the 2008 ISA Individual Scholarship Program.

The following surfers are now ISA Surfing Ambassadors in every corner of the world. They are also inspirational human beings, great surfers and students that want to succeed in the surfing world but at the same time, taking care of their studies.

2008 ISA Individual Scholarship recipients:

* Juninho Urcia -Peru-

* Nao Umura -Japan-

* Isaac Norman -Canada-

* David Villaroel –Ecuador-

* Juan Mateos -Spain-

* Ametza Nicholls –Barbados-

* Chelsea Tuach –Barbados-

* Brian Masmut -Argentina-

* Martin Carricart –Argentina-

* Fredy Morales –Guatemala-

* Bertie Stuurman -South Africa-

* Carlos Munoz -Costa Rica-

* Alberto Munoz -Costa Rica-

* Tomas Villegas –Chile-

* Holly Donnelly -Great Britain-

* Howard Andres Gomez –Colombia-

* Ackeam Phillips –Jamaica-

* Eduar Santana -Dominican Republic-

* Angel Compres -Dominican Republic-

* Monyca Byrne-Wickey –Hawaii-

For 2008, the ISA has grown 400% in one year thanks to the support from Billabong, Quiksilver Foundation and Reef Redemption.

Last year recipients were South Africa’s Lungani Memani, Chile’s Guillermo Satt, Jamaica’s Imani Wilmot, Ecuador’s Diego Vargas and Peruvian Juninho Urcia who all had the best year of their surfing careers.

Some of these surfers are no longer juniors, others found new sponsorships, however in the case of the young Urcia, from the Caballitos de Totora capital, Huanchaco, he´s the only one receiving the scholarship for the second year in a row.

Surfers from 20 countries applied for the 2008 scholarship: Peru, Japan, Canada, Ecuador, Spain, Barbados, Bulgaria, Argentina, Guatemala, South Africa, Costa Rica, Chile, Great Britain, Holland, Colombia, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Hawaii, United States and Uruguay, applied this year showing a great enthusiasm and need for that financial support in order to keep following their dreams.

Congratulations to the 2008 ISA Scholarship Program recipients, ISA’s new surfing ambassadors.