A change in Chicago's laws against surfing seems to be on the way, as surfers met with the Chicago Parks District last week to speak with superintendent Tim Mitchell about opening Chicagos beaches.

Vince Deur, co-founder of the Surfrider Lake Michigan Chapter led the way, with help from Mike Urban, an avid kitesurfer who helped open Chicagos beaches for kiting; Todd Haugh, Chicagoian surfer and lawyer and pro surfer; and Eco Warrior James Pribram. James flew in to give his perspective on ways to help regulate the beaches in Chicago for surfers, having worked with lifeguards and surfing schools in Laguna Beach.

Having Mike on side was a big bonus, as he had dealt with similar laws against his favorite past-time - so show some respect to that guy kiting off in the distance, they might just help you surf the windy city someday.

Aside from discussing how kiting was regulated in the past, the group brought up such issues as the Surfrider organization, giving back to the community, the numerous rescues by surfers over the years, and discussed a proposal to allow surfers to access the water for surfing at the beaches within Chicago.

There is another meeting awaiting the boys in the near future and we can hope to get in the water soon in the windy city. But with the current looks of Lakeshore Dr.coming home, our season might be coming to a quick end. We'll just have to wait on that one too - either way, change is coming!

More info at: greatlakessurfer.com