“Eco Warrior” and pro surfer James Pribram stars in upcoming Fuel TV's original series 'Firsthand'.

Airing on Sunday January 18th at 8pm ET/PT, Pribram pulls the curtain back on environmental issues surrounding the ocean, endangered surf breaks and meets with international officials to make change happen.

Years ago, professional surfer James Pribram had a memorable surf session near his home. He was rushed to the hospital with a staph infection - contracted because of heavily polluted ocean waters. It was during this moment of epiphany that James’ priorities shifted. James would go on to become the “Eco Warrior.” One part surfer and one part environmentalist, James is on a life-long mission to save surf breaks across the globe.

On this episode of “Firsthand,” join James as he travels to the unexpected surfing location of the Great Lakes. James takes a good look at the threats to this surf scene – pollution. He delves into the issue and meets with several locals including marine biologist Matt Cooper to discuss the level of dangerous pollution in the lakes. Also, James’ well-timed trip allows for a few days of action packed wind-swell surfing. Next, James travels to Peru where surf break threats are of a different kind. Overdevelopment and newly constructed harbors are killing breaks near Lima. James visits surf breaks that once existed, then he goes to breaks where harbors are scheduled to be built soon. Again, James hooks up with the locals to find out what they’re doing to fight this development scene in hopes of saving the waves.

“Firsthand” provides a unique and exclusive perspective on the biggest action sports personalities of our generation as they comb the globe for the perfect wave, a fresh pool, or untracked powder. Experience their favorite local haunts and discover how they live off-board or off-bike. “Firsthand” is available for downloading on iTunes and you can also watch it on hulu.com.