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Let it Roll – Surfing and Living on the Road

Van, campervan, combie, mobile home, RV – whatever you call it, having your house in the back can lead to some of the sweetest possible surf travel experiences. An exploration of the options, some road tales and assorted modus operandi.

Words by Euan Bruce • Photos by Euan Bruce, Al Mackinnon, Dougal Gidim, Carl Steindler, Andy Foxx, Antony ‘Yep’ Colas

Back to Basics

Vancouver Island has all the makings of a cold-water surf heaven, but watch out. While the wilderness itself can eat you alive, it’s also worth remembering that all previous gold rushes to the area have led to serious long-term problems. The author was curious how surfing’s huge growth in VI has affected the land of the Nuu-chah-nulth. Are we the loggers of today, threatening what remains of this once-pristine world?

Words by Alf Alderson • Photos by Jeremy Koreski

Rabbit: The Afterlife

From a hardscrabble youth on Australia's Gold Coast to his 1978 World Title, Wayne ‘Rabbit’ Bartholomew was a young man with a mission. But he was just getting started. Now, after a decade heading up the Association of Professional Surfers, he's found himself a ‘real’ job – as head of an environmental company that aims to literally change the world.

Interview by Drew Kampion & Alex Dick-Read • Photos by Peter Wilson, Drew Kampion, John Hatwell

Mondo Lucia – A Lucia Griggi Portfolio

On any day Pipeline’s breaking, the inner bowl gets rammed with competitive photographers. Not many of them are girls. But then, not many girl photographers have taken to surfing’s beating heart the way this half-Italian and half-English lass has. Lucia’s life is filled with captured moments, both heavy and beautiful, fuelled by her skills with a camera, her sheer nerve and a humble curiosity. Welcome to Lucia’s world.

Days of Strange – Back to the Future in Baja Norte

Border towns are always strange and Tijuana is truly weird. Yet for surfers from both sides of the border things have gone even more loco over the last few years. Aside from the well-publicised violence, there’s been a steady growth in coastal development mania. Huge schemes, many of them scams, have grown up along the shores, eating away at the wild coast, bringing pollution and destruction with them. Wildcoast activists take a drive on a well-loved surf route.

Words by Zachary Plopper • Photos by Jonathan Eng.

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