" ... the IPCC report reads like lab results from a sick hospital patient. The natural systems that civilization depends upon to thrive have been profoundly disturbed, and the forecast for the future reads like a medical diagnosis for an overweight smoker with a heart condition: unless the patient makes major lifestyle changes, the illness will grow far worse, with severe debilitation or death distinct possibilities." Dr. Jeff Masters, Wunderground.

Sorry to say, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change put out their big every-five-years report this week and it's worth a look if you're ... well ... if you're human being.

The above quote comes from an excellent summary of its contents (the whole thing is 4,000 pages long) from Dr. Jeff Masters who does a superb daily weather and climate blog here. Incredibly, he isn't entirely pessimistic. Read to the end and you'll see the chinks of light he's holding on to.

And for the skeptics among us, here's where you and the scientists differ - just click the .gif: