All photos from Timmy Turner's upcoming film Cold Thoughts.

Raph Bruhwiler deep in the Canadian wilds.

Raph dropped Timmy, Eric and I out at this right that he found some years ago. It is way out there in the wilderness. He'd come back to join us on good swells. The wave is fickle but breaks kind of like Backdoor when it's on, except that you’re in full rubber, and there’s no one out.

We were there for three weeks and the first eight days were totally dead flat. Then on the first good day we had, Timmy hit the reef hard pulling into one at low tide, cracking a few ribs and splitting his helmet open. Considering Timmy's previous miracle recovery from a serious staph infection (resulting in 6 brain surgeries and having his skull rebuilt), and being so out of contact/away from help, it could have ended up alot worse.

We went there to surf and film for Timmy’s upcoming film Cold Thoughts (sequel to the awesome Second Thoughts). We drank river water and a large part of our diets was fish– salmon from the river – gooseneck barnacles from the rocks, along with alot of the standard issue oats.

Home is where the hearth is. No waves for days, but somehow it didn't matter.

Every morning and night we had bears all over the place, on occasion even coming right into our camp. One night we even had a cougar fight happening outside our tents. In the water there were killer whales, sea lions, seals, whales… The place is so alive. It’s basically like an Attenborough documentary but with you in the middle of it.

Jersey's Ian Battrick and a native of the Canadian Pacific wilds.

Within 30minutes of being dropped off, while setting up the tarps and tents Eric looks up and a large bear was maybe ten metres away, standing upright on its back legs, one front paw leaning on a tree, checking us out. Eric fired a warning shot into the air to scare it off, but it didn’t move. I told him to reload but in the heat of the moment he jammed the shotgun chamber... with a big bear stood there starting to snarl. We shat ourselves, and had to fire the flare gun/bear banger at it and thankfully it buggered off.

Even though we only had two real good days of waves in the three weeks we camped there, it was totally worth it. A mind-blowing experience, good times with good friends, and its always great to be away from daily life, people, cars, phones, contact, civilization – getting back to basics, just living to survive and surf.

Dinner prep, with shotgun and enough steel to fight off a grizzly.

Dinner. Makes a change from gooseneck barnacles.

Da Wave.

Eric Ramsey exploring in the interior.

Ian Battrick likened the wave to Backdoor with rubber. Three reasons why.

One more from Eric. Three weeks, two days of surf and boy was it worth it.

Happy campers: Timmy Turner, Ian Batterick,Raph Bruhwiler and Eric Ramsey.