The California Surf Museum (CSM) Board of Directors and staff are very excited to announce a momentous decision made last week. The Oceanside City Council unanimously voted (5-0) to appropriate $624,975 of Redevelopment Bond Funds to refit and upgrade the city-owned building at 312 Pier View Way, the new home for the California Surf Museum. Also approved is a five-year lease with options for the 5,000-square-foot space at only $100/mo.

The new museum will have a dramatic impact on visitors and the entire region. CSM looks forward to continuing its relationship with the beautiful coastal community for many years and is happy to be an integral part of Oceanside’s ongoing redevelopment. Thanks to a unique façade designed by Louise Ravera Balma, the new CSM will be instantly recognizable, be a new focal point during Oceanside’s popular Sunset Market, and will, no doubt, become a city and county landmark.

The California Surf Museum serves as an international resource center on the lifestyle sport of surfing through capturing, preserving and chronicling its art, culture and heritage for the education and enjoyment of future generations. CSM has grown from a small corner in an Encinitas café catering to local surfers, to what will be an impressive international attraction. The possibilities of what CSM can achieve with a larger, world-class space are exciting. CSM looks forward to hosting events in the new museum that are not possible in its current, limited space. CSM currently attracts 20,000 visitors annually to downtown Oceanside.

The CSM Board of Directors thanks the City of Oceanside for its support, encouragement, and for the opportunity to move into a larger facility that will greatly expand the museum’s unique exhibitions and displays of surfing artifacts.