A Message from Jim Albertini and Lanny Sinkin

Aloha pumehana,

We come as Kupuna who have spent many years affirming our commitment to peace, justice, protection of the Earth, and freedom to speak to those who are considering entering the water to block the Superferry. Our purpose is to share our mana′o regarding the Superferry situation you now face.

At the call of the Governor, the Legislature passed a law permitting Superferry to violate the law as established by the Hawai′i Supreme Court. Those who understand the unconstitutional, illegal, and immoral nature of this act are left to respond.

We do not come to convince or discourage. We come only to urge you to follow carefully the last step of non-violent resistance. After you have examined the facts, studied the law, examined your heart and conscience, and decided that action must be taken, the last step is to fully inform yourself of the consequences and made proper arrangements


In this instance, you are faced with a lawless conspiracy meant to ensure access for the Alakai and the four other Superferry boats coming to Hawai′i, to our waters and our islands, primarily for military purposes. Knowing that they are acting outside the law will inform the manner in which they behave. You will have military, police, and other law enforcement “just following orders” at a time when the leadership of the United States considers the Geneva Conventions to be “quaint.”

You will also have people with personal agendas, such as the Coast Guard personnel who perceive themselves as having lost face when they were unable to clear the harbor for the Superferry to enter on August 27.

You need to be prepared for these forces to act without restraint resulting in possible physical injury or death.

There is also the possibility of accident in the turmoil of numerous boats, swimmers, and surfers in an ocean environment.

In that sense you have to be prepared at the level of the Native American who decided when it was “a good day to die.”

Practically, you need to prepare a last will and testament, make ho’oponopono with anyone you are not in harmony with, receive the blessing of your family and friends, and otherwise arrange all your personal affairs.

The community, particularly the spiritual practitioners, need to provide you with a cleansing ceremony to prepare your body, mind, and spirit to greet the Spiritual Hierarchy that awaits your return.

If you are subjected to arrest, you face a different set of circumstances. You will be charged with federal and state criminal offenses. You will be subject to prosecution by special federal prosecutors sent to Hawai′i to inflict maximum penalties on people who defied authority, even though that authority was exercised illegitimately. You will be drained of all your assets shuttling back and forth to court in Honolulu. You will be subject to conditions of bail that limit your mobility and freedom. You may receive extended sentences in federal or state prison; just violating the security zone subjects you to ten years in prison and substantial monetary fines. The felony conviction will follow you the rest of your life. There may be no possibility of parole under certain charges. You may have to be in prison up to 80% of your sentence before release for “good time served.”

Again, non-violence requires you to acknowledge these potentials and prepare accordingly. The ho′oponopono, the family blessing, the arranging of personal affairs, transferring your assets to someone else so that you can proceed legally in forma pauperis (make the government pay for everything), and a cleansing ceremony are all part of completing your preparation.

If, after considering thoroughly all these possible consequences, you are still determined to non-violently resist illegal action, then the community that loves and supports you needs to take further actions to make the return of the Superferry manifest as the disgraceful and unwelcome event it truly is, whether through demonstrations, general strike, or other non-violent resistance and rejection.

We stand to honor those who followed the righteous path of non-violent resistance on August 26 and 27 and brought the Superferry nightmare into clear focus for everyone else. We pray for intervention that prevents any further confrontation over this issue.

There is no one to stand in judgment of whatever you decide to do. As one kahuna teaches: “When I get to Heaven, God is not going to ask me how you did.”


Jim Albertini, founder and president of Malu ′Aina Center for Non-Violent Education and Action, spent a year in federal prison for jumping into the Hilo Harbor to protest the entry of a naval vessel carrying nuclear weapons and has spent his entire life working for peace, justice, protection of the Earth, and freedom.

Lanny Sinkin, Ali′i Mana′o Nui, Kingdom of Hawai′i and attorney in the United States legal system has also spent most of his life working for peace, justice, protection of the Earth, and freedom.