Beautiful Losers film trailer from beautifullosersfilm on Vimeo.

Beautiful Losers is a feature documentary film celebrating the independent and D.I.Y. spirit that unified a loose-knit group of American artists who emerged from the underground youth subcultures of skateboarding, graffiti, punk rock and hip-hop. This documentary tells the story of how a group of outsiders with little or no formal training and almost no conception or interest of the inner workings of the art world ended up having an incredible impact on the worlds of art, fashion, music, film and pop culture.

Directors: Aaron Rose, Joshua Leonard; Producers: Jon Barlow, Rich Lim, Noah Khoshbin, Chris Green; Executive Producer: Ravi Anne; Associate Producer: Matthew Shattuck;Supervising Editor: Fernando Villena; Editor: Lenny Mesina; Director of Photography: Tobin Yelland