This came in from a struggling artist who does great work. If you're in the book business or think you can help him realize his dream of publishing this fine-looking tome, why not get in touch with Daryn?

The following information is regarding my end of year assignment for my studies in Graphic Design. It is a book I designed, laid out, branded and constructed, all the way through to the marketing and point of sale for in-store promotions. I am looking for someone to invest in the project and would be grateful to anyone how may be able to get the word out for me...

I have attached a number of images showing various spreads etc, the cover etc

I am more then happy to answer any queries.

* MY life in ART *

by Daryn Mcbride


art - illustration - design - marketing - photography - surfing

...this book is a one off hand painted copy of what I hope to produce in print, however I'm looking for an investor for the project as being a full time student of art and design, and father of 5 year old triplets... ...need I say more...

The book has been painted in 3 strengths of coffee and highlighted in white wax pigment mixed with Gum-Arabic

...I spent a great deal of time designing and laying out the pages and have included a 'secret' compartment in the back of the book that has a CD containing movies, Art, Photos, sketches, and an E-Book digital version of the book in its entire 200 plus pages...

...also in the secret compartment of the book,there is a limited edition retro T-Shirt silk screened by the artist himself.

(thanks to Sam at Diffuse Screenprint and Design here in Mount Maunganui for the use of the gear to do the T's).

I am now looking for somebody to help get behind this project and get it to print, so for anyone wishing to get behind such a project please make contact with me directly.


Daryn Mcbride