A powerful earthquake measuring 7.2 on the Richter scale hit Indonesia's Bengkulu province off the western coast of Sumatra on Monday, sparking a tsunami warning of the geophysics and meteorology agency.

“We have issued tsunami warning,” an agency official Agung Mulya Utom said, adding that the quake was felt in Jakarta, some nearby provinces and also in Singapore. According to a statement of the geophysics and meteorology agency, the quake struck at 15:36 Jakarta time with epicentre at 165 km south-west of Muko Muko town of the province and at 10 km under sea bed.

Metro TV news reported the earthquake caused widespread panic in the town, where several houses visibly cracked. There was no immediate report of casualties. People rushed out of buildings, but this has become sort of a habit for everyone, so there was not panic," People quickly returned to normal activities.

Twenty-three people were killed and thousands of buildings distrusted in September 2007 after a 7.9 magnitude quake rocked the same province.

The Indonesian archipelago sits on the Pacific Ring of Fire, where continental plates collide and cause frequent seismic and volcanic activity. Indonesia was the nation worst hit by the earthquake-triggered Indian Ocean tsunami in December 2004, which killed some 168,000 people in Aceh province lying at the northern tip of Sumatra island.

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