The website, which lists nearly all of the world's airlines and provides detailed information on their policies for travelling with surfboards, has been hit by a computer virus. It now needs your help to get it back on track.

The virus hasn't affected the information detailing each airline's policy on kit, but it has affected the responses from all those who have flown with gear and left their feedback - deleting everything except the ratings and the first 30 characters of feedback.

The site isn't quite back to square one, but they would like all those who have left feedback on airlines before to log into their accounts and edit their posts, as well as those who haven't yet left feedback to do so right away! The Oceansource team is extremely sorry and gutted about this security lapse but are mildly placated by the knowledge that no personal information was lost, they still have the user ratings on each airline - and that the virus itself has had all of its eight eyes poked out with a sharp stick. is a good karma kind of site. It's free to use and is solely intended to make flying with watersports gear a less stressful experience for all of us. By sharing information and knowledge we can all avoid those airlines that impose excessive charges on carrying surfboards.

If you want to help, please visit the site and leave feedback - good or bad - on all the airlines you've flown with when carrying kit. Thanks!