The Joel Tudor Duct Tape Invitational contests have become an annual gathering of the high priests of log riding. Entry into this cabal is tough. You need to have a serious understanding of log dynamics, a highly developed set of log skills that include cross-stepping to the nose and pulling your own distinctive pose at 10; an uncanny ability to drive your board in perfect trim with the critical part of the wave in a way that looks at once both modern and harks back to the ancestors of longboarding style; some kind of noteable hairstyle – either beard, shaggy main, notably short or anything else that gives the impression that you’re utterly unconcerned with fashion.

This video, from the event which took place in March this year, is a little run-through showcasing all those styles and hairstyles. It is, in its small wave heroics, a fine mix between classically beautiful, hilarious and ... well, stylish.

FYI, Harrison Roach won. Jai Lee came second. Alex Knost came third. Matt Cuddihy came fourth.

T.C.S.S. Presents: A Doc-umentary from Nathan Oldfield on Vimeo.


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