You know how it works - the big fish eat the smaller fish and the smaller fish eat the little fish and the little fish eat the really mini fish ... and so on. Uh-uh. Not any more.

Here's a post that assumes that you, as a surfer, give a damn and feel part of the ocean, land and air system we call Earth. It's a very pretty graphic put out by the Guardian newspaper using data from Dr. Villy Christensen of the University of British Columbia, one of the foremost centres of worldwide fisheries research.

And, ugh, it's pretty graphic.

Below that is another info graphic showing which fish are OK to eat.

I could say, 'Enjoy!'

But that would be inappropriate, so how about, 'don't buy tuna!' or 'quit eating fucking sushi!'

You get the jist.

Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 9.59.00 AM

What can I do?

Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 4.19.21 PM

Click here to open it full size at the fantastic informationisbeautiful website.

Here's a chunk from a website called - kind of a guide to guides in different countries:

"Eating with a (clear) conscience A number of Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs) maintain seafood guides / lists on fish to eat and to avoid. Aimed at consumers these lists are usually based on a simple colour system with green being good and red being bad. Not all list are of the same quality and not all NGOs follow the same methodology. In general these list do provide a good and easy buyers or consumers guide overview. Print a list on a small credit card sized piece of paper, stick it in you wallet, and always carry your environmentally friendly fish list with you! This overview is not as comprehensive as it can be and contributions, especially for new countries, are welcomed!


United Kingdom

Pocket fish purchasing guide Extensive purchasing guide by the Marine Conservation Society.

International seafood red list Illustrated what not to buy and "better buys". By Greenpeace UK / International. Good list with FAQ.

Netherlands & Belgium

De Goede Vis Gids One of the best guides available. By Stichting De Noordzee. (in Dutch, French version, pdf)

Vis-a-Card Good fish guide by Greenpeace Nederland. Printable credit card sized card. (in Dutch)


WWFs Fiskguide – din guide när du ska köpa miljövänlig fisk (seafood guide) By WWF Sweden. Printable credit card sized in PDF (in Swedish).


Seafood Guide By WWF Finland. Direct link to PDF. (in Finnish)

Germany WWF-Einkaufsratgeber Fische & Meeresfruchte (seafood guide) Annotated purchasing guide. By WWF Germany. (in German)

The Americas


SeaChoice A comprehensive national seafood program. List available in PDF as well.

United States of America

Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch Good list with regional guides for five different US regions.

Guide to Ocean Friendly Seafood Informative site and fish guides. By the Blue Ocean institute.

Asia & Oceania Australia

Australia's Sustainable Seafood Guide Not free, only as book, not accessible online. From the Australian Marine Conservation Society.

Thanks For All The Fish Free. ABC Channel fish pages. Based on the Australian Marine Conservation Societies guide.


Seafood Guide Fish and shellfish guide for Indonesia. By WWF Indonesia. In English and Indonesian.


South Africa

Southern African Sustainable Seafood Initiative An extensive database that even includes distribution maps of many local species.


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