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(See video below)

Yes, we know you are aware of this problem already. And yes, it's hard to make even the smallest difference to what is essentially a structural problem embedded in the global free market.

But as one speaker in this film points out, large corporations and governments can be affected The People, especially when The People vote with their cash.

So what do we suggest?

There are really only two courses of action most of us can take right away:

One is to resolve to stop buying single-use plastic products. Buy a water bottle and refill it a 1000 times instead of buying 1000 bottles of water, etc.

Second: Forward this on to everyone you know and any forum with a large audience that you have access to.

Many, many people don't think about this issue because they either don't know it exists, or they think it's something they can't affect.

But pass this film on and it's guaranteed some people will be shocked and amazed enough to do one or both of the above.

Bonus option: Well, it's a treatment of the symptom and not the cause, but it does help marine ecosystems:

every time you walk onto a beach, pick up at least 10 pieces of plastic trash and dispose of them properly.

Any other solutions? We'd love to hear them.

From the producers:

"As population booms, environments degrade, and pollution runs rampant, the human species must come to terms with their impact upon this Earth. Plastic SEAS is a film exploring the connection between plastic pollution, the seas, and human health. We hope through this film others may begin to change their habits for a healthier and more sustainable future."