WiLDCOAST is excited to welcome Zach Plopper as coordinator of the Wildlands Conservation Program. Zach will be working to conserve undeveloped coastal land along the Baja California Peninsula and to maintain public access to some of Mexico’s most remote and spectacular coastlines.

“I am super excited to work for Wildcoast and apply myself to the preservation of coastal wildlands in Baja,” said Zach. “It’s going to be hard work but the rewards will be spectacular since I will be able to play a role in preserving what makes Baja so unique in partnership with the fishermen and ranchers who live there.”

Since his grom days, before he traveled the world on the WQS circuit, Zach has always been enamored with Baja California’s spectacular desert beauty and world-class waves, making it a fitting place to apply his knowledge, skills and experience professionally.

“Given Zach’s extensive travel experience as a professional surfer, his fluency in Spanish, his experience in surf journalism as contributing editor to Surfshot Magazine and frequent contributions to Transworld Surf, and his academic background, he is a perfect fit to help WiLDCOAST preserve one of North America’s last wild undeveloped surf regions,” said WiLDCOAST Executive Director Serge Dedina.

This year Zach received his M.A. in Urban Planning from UCLA and carried out his thesis on conservation approaches for preserving the Pacific coast of Baja California. He received B.A. in Urban Studies and Planning from UCSD.

During his surfing career, Zach made his mark competitively with several WQS quarterfinal finishes and was crowned the 2003 NSSA Collegiate Men’s California State Champion. Zach can be found surfing in films such as Puddles in the Sky, Havoc, Refuge and Field of Vision. Zach represents Matuse wetsuits, Glas Apparel, Xanadu, Da Kine, Dragon and Surfride as a sponsored rider.

Through collaboration with Mexican federal and state agencies, landowners and fishing cooperatives, and by using the most advanced technology in GIS mapping and remote sensing, WiLDCOAST seeks to preserve some of Baja California’s most threatened coastal habitats and ecosystems. This program receives financial support from foundations, individual donors, and a grant awarded by the SIMA Environmental Fund from proceeds of the Waterman’s Ball.


WiLDCOAST protects and preserves coastal ecosystems and wildlife in the Californias and Latin America by building grassroots support, conducting media campaigns and establishing protected areas. With four years of receiving 4-star rankings from Charity Navigator for outstanding financial and operational management, WiLDCOAST is one North America’s leading coastal conservation organizations.

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