Walgrove Industries to Sell SurfAid International Wristband on E-Commerce Site

In an effort to help raise funds for the earthquake relief effort in the Mentawai Islands, Walgrove Industries has heeded the request of SurfAid International to sell SurfAid wristbands directly on its e-commerce site shop: walgroveindustries.com. The wristbands sell for $5.00 US and proceeds go directly to benefit SurfAid International and its relief efforts in the Mentawai Islands.

Two massive earthquakes of magnitude 8.4 & 7.9 on the Richter Scale have struck the region of the Mentawai Islands, followed by numerous aftershocks in the 5-6 range. SurfAid International is currently receiving donations for relief efforts in the Mentawai Islands where SurfAid has been and continues to provide humanitarian services.

The four-island chain was particularly hit hard in the south, close to the earthquake epicenters, and there have been reports of some deaths, one confirmed. The traumatized communities fear another earthquake and possible tsunami.

About 60 per cent of the south Mentawai region has been destroyed or damaged, according to early data compiled by SurfAid staff, who were working in the islands when the earthquakes struck.

The mission of SurfAid International, a non-profit humanitarian aid organization, is to improve the health of people living in isolated regions connected to us through surfing. SurfAid has expanded to include 53 villages and over 37,000 beneficiaties in its program, which is a community development health initiative focusing on malaria control and childhood health.

SurfAid is also laying the foundations for the communities to run their own health programs and build on the prevention of other diseases. Visit surfaidinternational.org for further information.

“Walgrove Industries is happy to provide another easy way for people to give back to SurfAid International whose humanitarian relief efforts are saving lives in a region mostly forgotten by the industrialized world… It is a small gesture on our part to bring awareness to the needs of our fellow human beings,” said Walgrove Industries founder Aaron Mirsky.

Walgrove Industries is a for profit apparel company based in Los Angeles that produces environmentally friendly hemp and cotton apparel. For each online apparel purchase Walgrove Industries donates $1.00 to SurfAid International.