The British Stand Up Paddle Boarding Association is launched

The British Stand Up Paddle Surfing Association (BSUPA) has been set up to provide information, organisation, training and contests for this new sport in the UK. It was set up in September 2007 by Olaus Macleod and since then has started to grow from strength to strength.

BSUPA’s objectives are to help promote the sport by running a series of events through out the UK to find a national champion by the end of 2008. Alongside this will be a number of distance events which this season will be individual contests, next season we hope to be running a series. The other core activities will include developing a teaching program, training coaches and accreditation for SUP schools.

On the BSUPA website there are forums, general information and information on where to ride your SUP. BSUPA will also be working with other organizations to promote SUP riding, safety conduct and deal with any access issues on certain locations.

BSUPA membership provides up to £5 million, worldwide, third party insurance, as well as a free T-shirt, a car sticker, membership card and e-zine. You will also be able to enter any of the BSUPA competitions. Membership prices are as follows: Family Membership: £50, Adult Membership: £37, Junior (under 18): £25. You can join online via the BSUPA website or call our membership hotline on 07752 398933 or email {encode="" title=""}.

{encode="" title="Olaus MacLeod"} is the president of the BSUPA, {encode="" title="Bill Fitzhugh"} is Chairman, Grant Winter is Treasurer and runs the membership, {encode="" title="Matt Argyle"} is the Secretary and deals with marketing and PR, {encode="" title="Simon Bassett"} is the director of training and events. The reason that we are all involved with BSUPA is that we are all passionate about the sport and when we are not talking about it you can find us on the water riding.

The first BSUPA national event will be held at West Wittering beach, hosted by 2XS on 17th and 18th May 2008. This will be a surf and distance event. Paddle round the pier at Brighton will also be holding a SUP distance race from Brighton Pier to Worthing Pier. The Isle of Wight Air Festival (20th and 21st September 2008) will be running a surf and distance event. There will be two others events later in the year to be announced.