Ice-Nine Foam Works and Hobie Surfboards present first-of-its-kind shaping competition

Foam will be flying in Del Mar, CA. as surfboard shapers from across the state of California, Hawaii and the Eastern Seaboard vie for a $1000 winner-take-all cash prize in the 'Tribute to the Masters Shape-off' presented by Ice-Nine Foam Works and Hobie Surfboards. The unique craftsman competition takes place during both days of the Sacred Craft Consumer Surfboard Expo - October 13 & 14, 2007.

This years' shape-off honors the late great master shaper Michael Diffenderfer (Diff). Diff, once referred to as the Michelangelo of shapers, produced over 25,000 shaped blanks and his early-to-mid-70s Hawaiian mini-guns are a prized possession among savvy board collectors. The competing regional shapers will be given an hour and a half during the Sacred Craft 2007 Consumer Surfboard Expo to replicate a classic 'Diff'.

"Shapers are modern shamans. They take wave-riders to another dimension and uplift our spirits by transforming a blank piece of foam into a work of art," explained Jon Stillman, President of Ice Nine Foam Works." That's why we're fully behind the 'Tribute to the Masters Shape-off' and extend a heartfelt aloha to the late Mike Diffenderfer, and to all those who honor his spirit?through practice of the shaping craft."

"Mike Diffenderfer is a legend and once shaped under the Hobie label," added Sean Haggar, director of surfboard manufacturing at Hobie surfboards. "We are obviously super stoked to be a part of the 'Tribute to the Masters Shape-off'. Hobie surfboards has a long and storied surfboard building history and this surfboard expo and shaping competition makes perfect sense for Hobie surfboards."

The 'Tribute to the Masters Shape-off' is the brain child of San Diego shaper Chris Christenson. "This competition really puts the emphasis on the shaper and the craft of shaping a surfboard," explained Christenson. "We've got a unique 'Diff' for the shapers to go after. It will be pretty cool to see these regional shaping experts mow it down."


October 13 & 14 - Del Mar Fairgrounds

In the beginning it was all about the surfboard. The only thing that mattered. From ancient Polynesia to the ASP World Championship Tour; from Waikiki to Maverick's; from The Endless Summer to Surfline; as the eras passed what we've worn or said or listened to or traveled to or read or watched are just sidebars on surfing's timeline. Because the history of our sport is the history of the surfboard. Nothing defines the surfer more than his (or her) surfboard. Much more than a tool, the surfboard has become a philosophical icon, a sacred craft, a culturally pervasive symbol of freedom, adventure and enduring youth.

The surfboard builder is the primary arbiter of surfing culture, from those early Hawaiian kahunas to the first wave of board manufacturers in the early 1960s. Think back: Hobie, Hansen, Bing, Weber, Noll. These labels-the surfboards they produced and the way this product was marketed-shaped surf culture, both literally and figuratively. It was - and still is - all about the ride. What you wear comes second.

The Sacred Craft Consumer Surfboard Expo maintains it is all about the board; has always been about the board. Their goal is to put the surfboard-and the modern-day kahunas who craft them at the forefront of surf culture. To keep that influence, that importance, that responsibility, in the hands of the artisans who shape our sacred crafts-and ultimately our future.

WHO: Over 100 surfboard shapers, manufacturers and craftsman (see exhibitor list), surfers, consumers, and the general public.

SPONSORS: ICE-9 Foam Works; Hobie Surfboards; SURFER Magazine; San Diego Solar Company.

WHAT: A 20,000 square foot exposition hall filled with state-of-the-art surfboards, surfboard gear, surfboard raffles, special live musical performances, surf movies; art; culture, seminars & panel discussions, live shaping and the "Tribute to the Masters Shape-off."

WHERE: Del Mar Fairgrounds, Activity Center Expo Hall, Del Mar Ca. "Where the Turf Meets the Surf"

WHEN: Saturday October 13th, 10am-6pm and Sunday October 14th, 10am-4pm


GRINDS: Mixed food concession including coffee, beer and wine.

COST: $5, under 16 FREE ; all are automatically entered into the surfboard raffle.

EXHIBITOR LIST: Rusty surfboards,...Lost surfboards, Hess surfboards, Channel Islands surfboards, Encinitas surfboards, Homeblown blanks, Hobie surfboards, T. Patterson surfboards, Christenson surfboards, ?C4 Waterman paddles/surfboards, Hynson surfboards, Ice-9 Foam Works, Destination Surf, Future Fin Systems, Lok Box, Josh Hall surfboards, Klaus Jones surfboards, Liddle surfboards, Andreini surfboards, Fineline surfboards, Shane Stoneman surfboards, Mast surfboards, AKA surfboards, Surfing Heritage Foundation, Cole surfboards, Moss Research surfboards, O'fish'l Fin Systems, Firewire surfboards, FCS, Brian Bulkley surfboards, Sharp Eye surfboards, Headline Graphics, Guy Takayama surfboards, Foam E-Z supplies, Tim Stamps surfboards, Ron House surfboards, Quick blades paddles, South Coast surfboards, Kalu Coletta surfboards, Angulo Hawaii, Paul Jensen surfboards, TDK surfboards, Harbour surfboards, Linden surfboards, Balsa Tribe surfboards, McCallum surfboards, Veteran Surfboard Builders Foundation, Fletcher Chouinard Designs/Patagonia, Michel Junod surfboards, DB surfboards, Holeman Surf Designs, Matunas surf wax, The Swift Movement, TNT surfboards, Lineup surfboards, Chris Cravey surfboards, Noah Freeland surfboards, DK surfboards, Grain surfboards and more!