Developed in the UK by Welsh surfer Andrew Smith after having his quiver stolen, the Surfboard Tracker service has developed into global proportions and is currently being implemented by manufactures, retailers, surfing federations, surf shcools and surfers in the USA, Australia, Brazil and other parts of Europe.

The Surfboard Tracker Electronic Protection system is based on an implant inside in your board. As the implant is inserted deep in the blank during the manufacturing process, the board can then be tracked through the production process electronically using Surfboard Tracker’s inventory system. Once you get your hands on your new stick, it can be registered on a global database to keep all its details in case it’s lost or stolen or if you require a replacement.

What is really important is that you can be sure that your stick is the real deal, 100 % authentic not a fake.

There is no great cost: all manufacturers have to do is insert the Surfboard Tracker implant, then all the other tools you need are provided online. When the board is registered a small fee is taken, then a process takes place where Surfboard Tracker registers your surfboard automatically on the database.

Second-hand buyers can re-register any board under their name. The implants themselves cannot be re-programmed so the identity numbers are secure – they are also un-affected by resins, magnetism, or microwave - proving 100% reliable over a long period of time.