Eat my Board: World first for Cornwall!

A number of Cornish companies working together are today announcing a significant world first in Sustainable Technology for the surfing and marine industry.

Movevirgo Ltd and Sustainable Composites Ltd based in Redruth, Cornwall, UK, have between them developed two new materials which together produce a surfboard which has a 55% renewable content. This compares to just 3-4% of current foam cored boards and that is if a wooden stringer is used. The new materials still maintain the characteristics of lightness and strength highly prized in surfboard construction technology around the world.

Traditional surfboards tend to be products of the petrochemical industry, so any departure from the reliance on these sources will be welcomed by surfers and environmental pressure groups in the UK, USA and worldwide.

The two world leading products which have enabled this are a polyurethane foam core blank (Ecoblank®) made from 40% vegetable oil and a resin system (EcoComp® UV-L resin) which has an incredible 96% vegetable oil content.

“You could actually eat well over 40% of the raw materials that go into these products before they are manufactured- a completely edible content and even a choice of flavours may be possible in the future!” say the developers.

The use of sustainable materials and damage to the environment are issues high in the minds of surfers world wide and these two products have already inspired a great deal of interest in Europe and the USA-the spiritual home of the surf industry.