It’s brand new, it’s clearer, easy to use and will once again be a must for the 2008 season. In association with ASP International, this website launch is the reflection of a new dyniamic strategy for ASP Europe, regarding media and press relations.

The idea? To keep you up-to-date with every performance, result, behind-the-scenes news from our Europeans who travel the world to gain points and dollars, and catch-up with the brand new Euro elite team ready to rumble on the ASP World Tour. From newcomers on the Pro Junior circuits to leading top 45 surfers including all WQS soldiers, Europe has come to a turning point in its surfing history, and it was natural for ASP Europe to give you a redesigned, more accessible “gateway” to the sport of surfing.

With Europe remaining the biggest surfing region in the world with not less than 30 events of professional surfing in 2008 including all divisions, the new website will give surfing fans a direct access to multiple galleries of digital pictures, videos, and news all year long about the best european surfers around the world.

Ready to upgrade to new media formats with reactivity, the new website will offer direct links to all events and high quality LIVE STREAMING programs, pursuing the development and the growth of the sport.

The new ASP website is your open door on all the action from surfing’s leading region!