James Pribram & Shaun MacGillivray Honored in Laguna Beach

James Pribram, the surfer and environmentalist who has worked to save some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, is among those being honored this month at the Laguna Beach Hero Festival. The multi-media festival takes place Thursday, May 29th, at Laguna Beach's multi-purpose venue Seven-Degrees, located at 891 Laguna Canyon Road.

Pribram’s short film, 'Eco-Warriors: Guardians of Surf', will be shown during the festival. The film shows Pribram and fellow surfer and activist Keith Malloy in the Canary Islands. Owners of a large beach resort there had plans to build a marina near a beach used by local kids to surf and boogie board. The marina would have destroyed the surf for generations to come. Pribram and Malloy met with local leaders and successfully stopped the construction. “For every generation you pass the torch to the younger guys and that was going to disappear,” said Pribram. “So we went there to help those people and to make sure that torch could always be passed on and, luckily, it will.”

Watch the trailer here.

Pribram is also an environmental leader in his own home town, serving on the Laguna Beach Water Quality Committee and acting as spokesman for Surfrider Foundation. Pribram also co-founded 'They Will Surf Again', a fundraising organization founded to help victims of ocean-related spinal injuries.

The Laguna Hero Festival is sponsored by the MY HERO Project, with support from the City of Laguna Beach. The non-profit MY HERO Project, based in Laguna, has connected millions of students and teachers around the world and collected the world’s largest archive of stories and short films of heroes from all walks of life. Co-founder and Director Jeanne Meyers said: “The event provides all of us with an opportunity to say thank you to the great people of Laguna Beach.”

Also being honored is Shaun MacGillivray, for his award-winning short film 'Joey', the story of 12-year-old Joey Masella, who battled with the rare disease Epidermolysis Bullosa and pushed beyond his extreme physical limitations to live a life that inspired everyone around him. MacGillivray is the son of the great surfing cinematographer Greg MacGillivray ('Five Summer Stories') and a graduate of the University of Southern California Film School.

Doors open at 7pm. The event is free to the public but donations are accepted.