Surfers Against Sewage’s Drawing Boards auction reached its thrilling climax last week at Bonhams’ auction rooms in central London. After months of planning and preparation, the outstanding collection of 14 surfboard artworks was on display throughout the week at Bonhams’ as part of its world-renowned Urban Art Auction, with bidding taking place on Thursday, 23rd October.

With an enviable cast of artists including Tracey Emin, Sir Paul McCartney and Gavin Turk contributing to the project, it was hardly surprising that the collection received a huge amount of interest from art collectors, surfboard enthusiasts, SAS supporters and the international media. This profile translated into a packed auction room, with interested parties eager to secure themselves one of the unique surfboard artworks. The atmosphere was positively electric throughout the sale and SAS staff were on the edge of their seats in anticipation of the board lots, which closed the sale.

It was difficult to estimate how much the whole collection or individual boards would raise before the auction however, on the night, the bids came rolling in. Board after board went for significant amounts, with the highest successful bids eventually being placed on the stunning works by Polly Morgan and Mau Mau, whose boards both went for £4,000.

The hammer fell on a final full total of £29,350.

This is one of SAS’s biggest recent fundraisers and a real achievement during this global economic downturn. The funds raised will support SAS’s ongoing clean water campaigns around the UK, helping safeguard the clean, blue future of the ocean and waterways for everyone. The funding will also help SAS deliver even more benefits for its members and the wider public, and allow the development of ever-creative campaigns addressing issues that continue to threaten the UK’s water quality. The project has also helped SAS reach even more supporters all of whom help make SAS the campaigning force it is today.

SAS would most of all like to thank the artists who generously donated their time to creating artworks for the project. Massive thanks is also due to all SAS’s partners and sponsors of the project including Bonhams, Global Ocean, Laminations, Homeblown, Sustainable Composites, Seabase, Franki & Jonny, Tom Tagholm, Brian MacShane and Alder Sportswear.

Anyone wanting to own a souvenir from the auction can get a limited edition ‘Toxic Monster’ t-shirt from the SAS shop at

SAS Executive Director, Hugo Tagholm says: "I am delighted that the Drawing Boards auction has raised such a significant amount to support Surfers Against Sewage campaigns. At a time of global economic uncertainty, a financial boost of this size will help guarantee the ongoing success of SAS’s award-winning, cutting-edge campaigns protecting the oceans and waterways for many generations to come. I would like to thank all the artists for generously donating their time to the project and also our partners without whom SAS could not have achieved such a project."

SAS Campaign Manager, Andy Cummins says: “I’m sure polluters everywhere will give a collective sigh at this great news for SAS. This injection of cash will help safeguard ongoing SAS clean water campaigns and will ensure that our voice is heard even more loudly inside and outside the doors of power."