Surf Stronger Founders Announce Advisory Board to Help Promote Healthier Surfers and Healthier Planet

Golden Coast Productions is pleased to announce the formation of the Surf Stronger Advisory Board. The board is made up of highly regarded experts in a range of fields including surfing, environmental conservation, business, physical therapy, medicine, and law. The board will act in an advisory capacity to assist the Surf Stronger team as they expand their products and services in a sustainable, environmentally conscious way.

“Our company charter is to produce world-class surf fitness products and services that benefit the health and wellness of surfers and our environment,” says Todd Walsh, President and CEO of Golden Coast Productions, Inc. “With the success of our first release, Surf Stronger—The Surfer’s Workout, we began working on new products and services. And as we looked to grow our business in a sustainable, environmentally conscious way, we realized we would do well by asking experts for advice. We are proud of this team and honored to work with them.”

The Surf Stronger Advisory Board is comprised of: Serena Brooke, Dr. Richard Chalker MD, Dr. John Cooper MD, Paul Frediani, James Hernandez MPT, Hunter Joslin, Keith Krach, Guy Miller MD PhD, David R Olan Esq, Gregory Schell and Mark Wan.

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