Surf Expo reposts booth for Ebay auction: 100% of proceeds going to the people of Mentawai Islands

Surf Expo still has another booth up for auction on Ebay. At Ebay’s request, they have revised the auction utilizing their MissionFish community, of which SurfAid is already a part. All of the proceeds will still go to SurfAid International, which has set up the Mentawai Earthquake Appeal to provide relief to the people of the Mentawai Islands.

The bidding is now in full swing and will continue until 3pm on Monday, October 1st. There is no reserve and the starting bid is $2,450, which is $100 less than the price it was at when the auction was revised. We apologize to bidders for the inconvenience and hope you rejoin the cause with us and SurfAid.

As you may have heard, three massive earthquakes have struck the region of the Mentawai Islands, rendering 60% of the south Mentawai region either destroyed or damaged, and the community fearing additional quakes and even tsunami. SurfAid staff who were on site when the earthquakes struck also report that temporary shelters have been made but food is scarce and sicknesses have ensued.

All current and new exhibitors are encouraged to bid on the 10' x 10' booth space for this January’s show and support this cause. If the winning bidder is an exhibitor who has already purchased January 2008 booth space, they will be refunded for one 10' x 10', and will pay the winning amount through check or credit card to Surf Expo, who will contact the winning bidder immediately at auction’s end.

Click here to go right to the auction and start bidding. To make direct donations or find out how else you can help, go to or call the SurfAid USA office at 760.579.3826. Next Surf Expo is January 10-13, 2008. For more information, go to the new