Sam Walsh, a prolific artist living in Cornwall, is coming to Driftwood Gallery in Truro on Saturday November 8th from 2-5pm to launch some specially selected original paintings from his personal diaries.

Sam, now in his early sixties, found his way south to Cornwall during his late teens with a desire to improve his life. In the mid sixties he found his creative domicile in the small Cornish village of Newquay, on the North Atlantic Coast and became embraced by its embryonic culture. Experiencing the power created where the ocean meets land, Sam walked straight forward into a life in Cornwall, with steps that were to lead him through the roll of decades on a journey of personal consequence.

Being a man for whom the painted image is far more natural than the written word to express his emotional voyage upon the sea of life. Sam paints as a vehicle to represent his diary of life, where the written form used by others has been diluted of any potency by his dyslexia. He admits sadness at his inability to represent his thoughts and feelings in the written form, which has fuelled his constant search to leave his mark through his art.

Sam’s first memory is of holding a pencil and making marks. He has subsequently worked with paint and pencil ever since he was a child.

Sam says his favourite artists are the cave painters of aeons before, who with no written language available to them chose form and colour to represent their living world to an unknown and uncertain future. His spirit is with them!

Taking a therapeutic approach to this artistic journey, he suggests his work is a collision of colours which record his emotions in a formatted visual expression at a specific moment in time. Each of Sam’s paintings or sculptures is a page in a very personal diary. Strongly influenced by Surfing and fellow Surfers; many of his images depict surf saturated beaches of local renown, and local surf culture influences his work clearly. He has many strong ties with people of the sport and seems to have a thorough understanding of ‘surfers’ and what makes them tick.

In Sam’s own words: “My paintings are, for me, a multi-dimensional representation of the world that I see and feel. Sure there are obstacles in life… and some of that moves me to want to leave messages about it. Plus simple joy sometimes needs a signpost for us to see it. I’m completely fulfilled to spend my time endeavouring to give shape, colour and form to my passing visions of life."

After working in construction and then local radio, Sam left work to attend Camborne Art College in Cornwall for two years in which he completed an Access to Art course. Sam speaks very highly of the staff at the college giving special thanks his tutor Mr. Patrick Laurie.

Soon after finishing college he won a competition to create a major piece of sculpture for a multi-million pound surfing complex on Fistral Beach in Newquay. He’s also had several exhibitions throughout Cornwall including a prestigious show in St.Ives, and Sam recently had a major exhibition at a French chateau in Le Puech De Barrayre, Aveyron.

Sam paints solely in acrylic, inspired by the brilliance of some of the mediums colours. He defies set technique to deliver paint where it’s needed by thick, thin or even one-haired brushes to give form to the consummate end result, which is all that matters to him. In the process, he can be observed to arrange his artistic geography in such a way, that what he paints produces such emotionally-saturated imagery, that it is self-evidently a feeling statement by the artist.

Life is full of enigmas. Such are philosophically represented in Sam’s painting which is where the words stop…and the image only, remains to fill the conscious space. Something that Sam’s best pieces have a magnetic ability to do!

Driftwood gallery in Truro warmly invites you to come spend some time in Sam’s shoes… as you peruse an exhibition of his beautiful original paintings which comprise some of the pages from his very personal diaries. You will also have the opportunity to meet Sam Walsh who will be in attendance on Saturday the 8th of November for the launch. The exhibition continues for two weeks.

Driftwood has both branches in Truro, Newquay and Ilfracombe and has become one of the UK’s most exciting new art destinations. With an unrivalled selection of contemporary Originals, collectable Limited Editions and stunning Sculpture on display, it has added a whole new dimension to the cultural life of each area. The art consultants at the galleries believe that buying art should be an enjoyable experience, and are always happy to offer guidance or information on anything from artist backgrounds to artwork presentation.

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